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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Greater Than or Equal to 12...

...the number of cars I helped push out of my parking lot today. Kev and I trekked around our lot with shovels and helped people drive through the massive amounts of accumulated snow.

Also the number of times we were out shoveling in attempts to keep up with the non-stop precipitation that's been falling since at least 5am. Yeah. I didn't nap when I got home.

It's really pretty though.

This ultra-70s building is where I live. The snow has been falling like this for at least 12 hours. Insane. The tall building behind my ultra-70s one is where I worked this morning. I had to wear snow boots just to get across the unplowed courtyard between the two. Nearly 10 hours later and it still hasn't been plowed. However, a small path was shoveled by my friend's friend, who doesn't even work for campus. Hmm. Something's a little wrong with that scenario.

Campus didn't officially close until 19 gazillion hours after all the chaos started. For some reason it is wrong to have snow days in Utah. But when every single car in the lots is plowed in and can't move, then you know it must be a good idea to cancel school. Especially for the sake of those who help push car after car out of snow banks.

I believe school should've been called off last night when this gigantic storm was predicted. Duh. It's only like... the third day of the semester. I think the University can totally afford that.

Nevertheless, I am happy to have helped so many scared, stuck-in-the-snow folks. They were appreciative and I think it made each person's day a lot better.

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  1. Ah, Utah. :) It was SO great to go back home to have snow for Christmas, but I quickly remembered that unfortunately snow isn't just to look at. It's to heave over your head again...and again...and again...until you think you're going to die.

    Not that I had to shovel at all this last time, that's why I married Caleb. To take over my job at home as snow-shoveler. (Shovelor? Shovel-ess?) Yeah for school being canceled though! It certainly is a rarity for Utah. Oregon canceled everything at the IDEA of any sort of precipitation other than rain.


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