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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heads Up

If you get locked out of your apartment in sub-zero weather and ask someone in an office to meet you in your building to let you back in, STAY IN ONE PLACE. Please do not hide away in another apartment and expect the poor victim from the office to find you.

If your cell phone rings after a few minutes, and it's the number you just called in order to reach the office, PLEASE ANSWER YOUR PHONE. It's probably the office trying to find you.

Another plea: please refrain from locking yourself out when the poor victim from the helpful office is wearing dressy boots in an attempt to meet the "business casual" dress code and there's 3 inches of solid ice covering all sidewalks to and from your building. And certainly don't make the poor victim walk them TWICE because you can't stay in one place.

Is this not common sense?

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