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Sunday, January 13, 2008


I learned how to use chopsticks last night and now my hand hurts. It's all cramped.

Alex had a birthday this week, and to celebrate he invited some friends out to eat. We hit up a Japanese sushi restaurant on 25th St. in Ogden called Tona. We had a great time waiting an hour and a half to eat. Even though we had reservations. Oh well.

The food was good, and the company was good. I always enjoy being out with just the boys; it's like the good old days before Kev and I got married. I was just one of the guys. Now I'm Kev's wife. It's weird how that changes things.

Anyway, it was fun. Even if my hand hurts. A lot. And people make fun of me because they don't understand how I hurt myself. Seriously, it was like a workout and now I'm feelin the burn.

Happy Birthday Alex, just a few days late.

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