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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Oh...The Sabbath

I love Sundays because Kev, Maddie and I just sit around, go to church, sit around, eat, sit around.

I only got 6 phone calls today about work. Kev and I only shoveled 9 million pounds of thick fluffy heavy snow off stairs.

But then came one of the highlights- Maddie got to play outside in 1.5 feet of snow with her friend Hurley. He lives across the courtyard and belongs to Wendy, one of my co-workers. Our dogs love each other. Love to bite, love to run, love to tumble, love to bark. They didn't let massive piles of snow or hills deter them from tearing around for 20 minutes at dusk. I think Hurley is an Australian Cattle dog mix. He's so pretty. His legs are twice as long as Maddie's so he delights in getting ahead of her for a few strides before she overtakes him.

So even after lots of stress shoveling and constantly answering my phone, the day is closing on a high note. I love seeing Maddie have fun, and it's so great to stand around with the other "parents" and talk about our "kids." Hurley and Maddie have known each other for quite a while now, and we all love to see how their interactions change as Hurley becomes less of a puppy.

Thank goodness for dogs.

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