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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Ok, I know I broke a cardinal rule by using my flash on this picture. But please don't hate me. Just ignore the ginormous shadow behind Kev and Kai.

I am thankful that one day in the summer of 2006, our friend Kerry asked us to puppy-sit for her friend's dog. Kerry wanted to do it herself, but her mom was coming into town and Kerry wanted to go away for a couple of days and spend time with her. That's where we came in.

Kev and I had never had a pet before (except for my four yr old Beta, Fishy, may he rest in peace) so we were nervous about dog-sitting. After we met Kai for a test run, I was in loooooove. He is such an amazing dog. He's a mini-schnauzer and I've decided that as soon as we can afford to I'd like to get one.

Kai is so cuddly and so playful and so great. So I adopted Maddie while we still had him. There was just something about that dog-- seriously just look at him. He's so freakin cute.

Kai's shaved pretty close, but it just makes him softer and sweeter. I love him. And if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have had the guts to go to Layton and meet my Madster and adopt her then and there without Kev present (I promise I had "permission" to adopt her).

Thankfully, Maddie liked me back. As soon as I got her home and sat down, she was all over my lap. Kai is a cuddly little guy too, so even though she was growling at him from the start, he just wanted to hang out with her. Oh, my heart. It spilleth over with adoration for cuddly, cute, sweetie pie little dogs.

Thanks to Kerry for trusting me with her friend's dog, and thanks to Four Paws Rescue (based in Logan) for hooking me up with Maddie.

And thanks to Kev for trusting me to pick out our pooch while he played paintball with his friends.

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