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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for Maddie. Why is this woman so obsessed, you may ask? Well, because she's freakin cute. As a result of her cuteness, I could win a new vacuum. So here's the deal folks: I'm gonna post a selection of delectable Maddie photos, and your job is to comment away and tell me which is the absolute cutest. I don't care if we're perfect strangers and you just happened upon my site today. Tell me which pic of my pup is to-die-for. I want a new vacuum. Once you let me know here which photo you think is a winner, I'll give you details regarding the next step. (Basically, I'll send you to another website on which you can officially vote Maddie as the cutest thing you've ever seen and win me a vacuum!!)

The photos will be judged on expression, overall appearance and quality of coat. So have at it!!

Thanks so much for helping us out!! We're at the point that we're totally biased. Please leave as many comments as you'd like so we can narrow down our submission.


  1. i didnt see this post yesterday so dont hate! haha. hmm...i like...the one where she's sleeping in the bed, the one with the sun block, and the tofu one. basically, your dog is adorable and im really jealous that you have one!!

  2. She's so adorable - I like them all! But my choice is the one where she's lying down on the ottoman. I believe it's the fifth picture from the end.

  3. I like way too many of them! I think the tofu box one is really cute, but I'm not sure if it's the cutest. Too many choices!


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