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Saturday, January 12, 2008


I recently posted this picture of me with 2 old room mates. I'm pretty sure it was taken in the Fall of 2004. We were heading out to a Homecoming dance at WSU.
Aren't we precious little co-eds? Well, I just got the next photo from Nikki this week (Nik's in the middle). It's from December 2007, during a get-together at Nikki's.

I knew it looked familiar. I love it. We're the same as we were. But so freakin different. It's great. I can't believe we're all in the exact same pose. It is so great.

I love my room mates. Living with a boy is weird (I love ya Kev) and I kinda miss girls.

Seriously, just take another look at these two photos. It must mean something.


  1. That's very strange when you put the two pictures together that way. You all look a lot more grown up and much cooler.

  2. Liv - I just found this post so...
    what the hellp happened to ME...!!!
    I remember that was an ugly day but how fun that we posed the same way! What a neat-o post.


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