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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blue Man Group

Kev's friend Nathan hooked us up with free tickets to see the Blue Man Group down in SLC. It was so much freakin fun. Mike Relm opened for them and also collaborated with the Blue guys later in the show.

It's all about how to be a megastar, with one of the rules being appropriate concert behavior: "Rasie the Roof," pictured below. You'll also notice Kev's artsy shot of Mike Relm, standing back stage watching the opening numbers.

I know blurry photos suck, but I did the best I could. Our seats were really great (thanks again Nathan) and the monitors helped us see the great facial expressions-- it's a wicked funny concert. The TV sketch was good. I snapped a shot of them listening to a razor ad. MACH 6!! Apparently, the extra two blades are good for trash talking your roots and scaring them into submission while shaving. Thanks for the tip.
There was tons of color and lights and music and fun. I am so glad we had the opportunity to see this without having to budget for tickets. I've been to Vegas twice, but never had the money to see any of the shows. When I told Kev Blue Man was coming to SLC, I think we both secretly wanted to go, but knew we couldn't afford it. Nathan knows how to spread the love. He's cool like that. Listen to KFAN. He works for them.

For more sweet pics, just click my photo album link for "2008 so far..."

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  1. Last fall Husband and I took Child to see the Blue Man Group. They were awesome! Child really liked Mike Relm. I was a little worried when he did the "O" Face thing, though. Sure enough, a few days later, Child started talking about how funny the "Old" Face bit was!


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