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Friday, February 01, 2008

Flash Back Friday

These are such great posts for me. I spent some time looking through a couple of old suitcases I've had for about 5 years now. Every time I move (which feels like once a year) the suitcases get filled with random stuff. I discovered lots of great old photos from high school and college years in those suitcases recently.
This cheering picture isn't really anything fantastic- I mean, we're just standing there with our mouths hanging open. It looks like our gym is ancient. Oh wait, it was. Almost every school I've ever attended has begun construction my final year there. So I endure all the mess of the remodel, and then I move on before it's completed and don't even get to enjoy it. Rumor has it Freeport has some amazing facilities these days. I still haven't stopped in when I'm in Maine to check it out. I'm still bitter about all that.

Anyway, this next picture is seriously one of my all-time favorites from cheering:

Look at how high I am! Look at how straight my leg is! The hurdle was my favorite jump. I always felt like I was doing it right, especially compared to some of the others. And when I saw this pic, I was like, hey yeah I am doing it right!

I just love how flappy our skirts were. Instead of being pleated like an old-school uniform, the pleats were separated and so flappy. Dancing in them was fun.

During college I attempted a few aerobics classes. Um, I sucked at it. Not that I couldn't work out; I couldn't follow the moves. Step aerobics is just like cheer leading. I felt like such a lame-o. How could I be so uncoordinated in step aerobics after being a cheerleader for 3 years? It was so embarrassing. Maybe that's why I love Yoga so much. I don't have to keep time to music, just my own breathing.

Anyway, I loved cheering. It probably kept me from freaking out and running away from home during high school. Because high school friggin sucks. Even as captain of Varsity, I hated high school. With every fiber of my being.

Stay tuned for more tragically embarrassing photos. One of the upcoming pics is probably one of the only photos I've ever looked at and screamed in my head, "What were you wearing?!"

PS Still sick. But it's a good ol' fashioned SNOW DAY!! No work!! Except... I got up at 6:30AM to shovel. Fun.

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  1. You caught a lucky break with the snow. Sorry you're still under the weather. How on earth could you jump so high. That IS a great shot. I thought cheerleaders owned the book on HAPPY. I'm glad you set me straight.


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