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Friday, February 15, 2008

Flash Back Friday

In the time that Kev and I have been together, I've moved a lot. I changed rooms in the dorms a few months after we started dating. Then a couple of months later, I moved again. Then I moved into what was going to be our apartment after we got married. Then we got married and Housing gave us a different apartment, so we moved again.

The point of this story is that every time I moved, Kev wore my cowboy hat. Not his cowboy hat, my cowboy hat. I guess that's why people buy hat they don't crush their hats when they move 8 times in one year.

This is how cute Kev is every time I/we move. He puts this on, blue flower and all, and wears it while hauling box after box of books. And dishes. And did I ever mention that I have quite a few shoes?

Well, I just love this picture. I actually took a picture of this picture with my phone so every time Kev calls me, it shows up on the screen.

I believe this Cowboy Kev picture was taken in August of 2005, which means we'd only been dating about two months. Ca-ute.

It's funny that I bought this hat so I could go to the rodeo once. It's totally not a rodeo hat anymore. It's a moving hat. When we move out of Wasatch, Kev's going to have to wear it once again. I look forward to it.


  1. Funny. I have a moving beret.

  2. You've moved quite a bit more than we have, but the three times we've moved have been ridiculous. I sympathize! Moving blows.

    But I am lovin' that hat. I think I need to get Caleb a moving hat, possibly a page-boy hat. So I can order him around, "Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher.."


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