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Friday, February 22, 2008

Flash Back Friday

Back in the day, when I was still in college, I had some fun experiences.

Lots of times, my friend Jon would stop by for a little nap. I always offered up a couch or a bed because otherwise he'd find a weird place on campus to sleep-- like under the stairs at the south end of the Student Service Center.

Good ol' Jon.

And sometimes I'd take pictures of Jon sleeping.

Why? Because it was funny. He'd be all wrapped up in a comforter, dreaming of happy things, I'm sure. Jon doesn't even live that far from campus. My apartment at the time was probably only half the distance from school that his house is so I guess it made a big difference when he desperately needed a snooze.

I remember one of the first times I ever hung out with Jon. It was my freshman year back in '02 and he walked into my apartment saying, "Watch this..." He walked straight through the kitchen and living room to the 3rd story living room window. And he just punched out the screen. And laughed the funny Jon laugh that all his friends know and love.

We made him get the screen and put it back.

Thanks for making college so much fun, Jon.

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