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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Gail

This post is in honor of my mother, Gail.

She does not celebrate her day of birth. EVER. If one of her children call her on the day, she hangs up. If a card is sent, I'm sure she recycles it without reading it. If a present is given, it is resented. My mother is so very young that it is hard to believe she would prefer to ignore her birthday.

Well, instead of sneakily sending her something early or late and claiming it's not for her birthday, I really won't even try. There was the year I sent her some awesome drinking glasses from Montana, but they were a month late so she didn't have to consider them a bday present. There was also the year I found some fantastic dishes at a thrift store that I knew she'd love to eat bagels on. I sent those late too. Then there was the year I bought her "Anne of Green Gables" DVDs but sent them at another inconspicious time so she wouldn't really think they were for her bday. HA! Tricky.

But this year, in honor of the elusive day, I adopted a pair of shoes in her name. And another pair in the name of my sister.

Say hello to Vivian and Stoker:

Gail and Sophia gave me gift cards to DSW for Christmas, and this weekend I used them. Seth lives 7 minutes from DSW. I never realized it until yesterday. Duh.

It is wonderful to give a new home to such lovely beauties. I do so in honor of my mother, who taught me to appreciate shoes to such an extreme extent. Also, she taught me that I never have to pay full-price.


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