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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It Pays to Work For Housing

I do so enjoy my job. It has lovely perks-

LOADS of experience in Student Affairs, ranging from conflict resolution to planning fun activities to learning the business side of Residence Life.

Also, as part of my compensation, I am given money on my student ID to eat on campus and shop at the WSU Bookstore.

They sell iPods at the Bookstore. Like this cute little green Nano:

Now, I know I'm babysitting Jeshua's amazing iPod Classic for the next two months...but what will I do when I have to return it to its rightful owner? I will be MP3-less. And sad.

I have enough money left on my card (set aside exclusively for the Bookstore) to purchase an 8GB Nano and only pay $6 difference.

For some reason I felt guilty just considering it today. Why would I spend such a huge chunk of my compensation on a Nano? Shouldn't I use it to buy things we need? Example- Kev is almost out of this hair glue stuff that he likes. He hardly ever finds hair stuff he likes. They sell it at the Bookstore so I bought some. I also bought him and Jeshua WSU sweat pants (three years ago I stole some sweats from my brother that didn't fit him...but he still made me promise to somehow replace them when he got back from his mission). I bought ink for my printer so it'd stop blinking angry lights at me. I bought some awesome closet storage things. I bought books for me and Kev so we can fill our brains with all sorts of literature.

So there's no reason to feel like I'm wasting my money at this point, right? It's had a good run so far this semester. Even if I buy the Nano, we'll still have money left over to buy meals on campus. That's a non-issue.

What do you think? Should I buy the Nano? If Kev and I could manage to get the house we love, we'd be close to a favorite walking spot of mine. The Nano would come in handy taking Maddie for strolls along the Ogden River Parkway.

But more importantly, if I do decide to get it, what color should I get?!


  1. THOSE NANOs ARE SO AMAZING!!!!! I held one once and I thought that I was going to smash it on accident. I have only seen black, but I think green is pretty cool. Although it is more of a celery green than an olive green (I like the later). I bet you didn't think I had such an opinion! Hahaha.

  2. do it. they are so cute and fun and you will miss having one after you give jeshuas back. i want the blue one. joshua was going to get me one for christmas, but we got engaged instead. i figure in this case the ring is better, but for you, get the nano! haha :]


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