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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Kev and I played fetch with Maddie for a while today. Then I got distracted on my computer and I left him to play with her.

After a while, I realized they were both being very quiet. I peeked over at them in the living room and here's what I saw:

They're zonked out. Maddie is such a cuddler. She'd much rather sit with you on the floor than by herself on the comfy couch or armchairs in the living room. I love that about her.

I'm glad Kev's getting a little snooze in. He has to valet park tonight on campus for an event at the Browning Center. He needs to recharge because it's been a long Saturday of eating eggs, pancakes, burritos and watching a lot of TV. Phew.

I'm exhausted just recapping it!!


  1. Hi Liv. I've tagged you (yet again!). Don't worry, it's not a personal one, or too annoying. Could even be interesting.


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