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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Little Help?

How is one supposed to survive a Married, Student, LDS Ward?


I love my religion and have great faith in it. But my faith in the organization of my Ward is not quite as strong.

Why can't couples in their 20s hold their tongues during the administration of the Sacrament? Some Sundays I feel like Kev and I are the only people not talking in church. It's not like people are just constantly whispering either. It's full-out real talking. Like people are worried their spouses won't hear them if they don't talk louder than the person standing at the pulpit delivering a well-prepared Gospel-centered message to the congregation.

And if I have to look at the prego-list one more time... I just don't see the reason why a sheet of paper is passed around to the women asking if they're pregnant and when they're due. What does that have to do with the roll? Do we add one more person to the head count even though "junior" is still a tiny speck?

Please help me understand.

Neither Kev nor I attend school right now. So we're in the wrong ward. Will a switch to a "Family Ward" save us from our current woes? I doubt it. But at least the people talking non-stop throughout the services will be young enough not to know any better yet.

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  1. Oh I TOTALLY reccomend getting into a family ward. SO MUCH BETTER. I can't believe they pass around a list asking if people are pregnant...who's business is that?! Sometimes I think wards get tied up in things that don't matter and forget that there are RULES for how it should be run. Manuals people, follow the manuals...


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