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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Love of My Life...And Then Some

My little Kevster is so cute. Need proof? Well, just look below.

He dates this picture back to 1998, when he was a Junior in High School. That was ten years ago. Hey gramps, how's it goin'? Ok, just kidding. Kev isn't old at all. He's definitely younger at heart than I am.

In fact, on our snow day Friday, he slept in til 10:30 while I was up at the crack of dawn doing boring grown-up things: shoveling snow, feeding the dog, taking the dog out to wee 8 times, washing dishes, cleaning the counters, making eggs, reading and (the quintessential grown-up like thing)-- making other people finally get up when I'm too lonely to hang out by myself any more. I should've just relaxed, but I'm actually glad I didn't. My phone kept ringing off the hook all morning (yea for work) so going back to bed would've been impossible.

This is Kev from Oct. 2005. Smiling oh-so-big even though we'd been crammed in the back of Jon's truck cab for 8 hours. Driving to Aspen really isn't so bad, even sitting in the back of the Titan. Even with two dogs:

...which was during our most recent trip to Aspen in September of 2007. It's funny how my trains of thought sometimes get so derailed. I just wanted to post some cute pics of Kev and somehow I ended up thinking about Aspen, and how fun it is.

But just imagine that you're me, and you're riding to Aspen with three other people and two dogs. Where do you sit? Well, I sat on that little sliver of backseat that's pictured above, and my feet were supposed to go where Maddie's face is. Um...she's such a princess though that she decided she really had to sit on one of us and she refused to sit with Burt on the floor. That means my butt went numb every half hour or so b/c I had a 20 pound dog on my lap and no where to stretch. It was really ok. Burt didn't throw up until we got to Aspen, so that was a relief. HA! I seriously love those dogs though. LOVE them. Burt is so sweet to my punk bully dog. He just lets Maddie bark and steal his toys and chase him around. Eventually he just runs over her and teaches her that being little is lame. Thanks Burt.

Anyway, I love my cute Kevin. And I love trips to Colorado. Thanks Jon!

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