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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Oh duh, I totally forgot to brag that I did end up buying myself a Nano. Green, to be precise. It looks more sparkly than I thought. Which I love. I also love that I paid less than $20 out of pocket for it.

How much do I love my LPod ("L" for Livia, of course)? Well, when I lock myself in the mailroom at work on Saturdays, I plug myself into the Nano and secretly rock out while stuffing the boxes. I do fear that someone will open their box and peer in to find me dancing instead of finding mail. But we'll cross that bridge if/when I get to it...

What's wrong with a little mailroom dancing? I think it boosts employee morale, so it must be good.

I also find myself passing endless hours at job #2 playing solitaire. Yes, my LPod has solitaire on it. How cool is that? Very, I think.

Overall, I highly recommend MP3 player usage to anyone. Heck, my mom even has the iPod Touch. And she claims she's technologically challenged.

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