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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Semi-Dream Home

I am going to start this post with a tangent. That doesn't really make sense, but I just wanted to get these photos out of the way first. They're from the depths of my ancient cell phone, so bear with me. Look at Maddie's toes-ies.

And look at how funny she is, the licker of shoes.

Now on to the real deal. Thank you for your patience.

On Saturday it was dreary, but I was still committed to walking Maddie. Mostly it was to make up for not going to yoga in the morning. But that's ok.

Kev and I got the little rascal rounded up and jumped in the car to head over to the Ogden River Parkway. I love that place. It gets plowed even in the winter.

We had a great walk... and somehow ended up in the front yard of the semi-dream home we love. I actually contacted the seller via email last Saturday, but I haven't heard back. I've decided that if my interview for the new job goes well, then I'll have the guts to actually call the seller.

Moving on-- we peeked in the windows again (it's only the second time, promise) and checked out the driveway and wrap-around patio. Oh yeah, and we threw away a crack pipe too.

Let me explain, it's the really not the crack pipe kinda neighborhood, but sometimes crack pipe people walk through the neighborhood to get to Smith's grocery from the street west of our semi-dream home. Honestly, if we purchased this house, we'd really be following a great rule of thumb-- buy the worst home in the best neighborhood you can afford. Townhomes and Condos are being built like crazy on this street, so property value is increasing. Promise.

Anyway-- the house is just super cute. We managed to eventually tear ourselves away though. And Kev thought it'd be a good idea not to back-track to the Parkway, so instead we trudged through muddy streets without sidewalks. Fun.

Eventually we hopped a guardrail and scooted down an embankment and found ourselves back on the trail. Thanks for the adventure Kev.

I'm pretty sure we got a good two miles in, and once we got in the car to drive home, the sun came out. Thanks sun. Where were you the 1.5 hours we were outside with beanies, mittens and snow boots? You were busy? Oh, ok.

But anyway, that's one of the other major appeals of the semi-dream home. It's right by the Parkway. Just a five minute walk to the trail. If we lived there, Maddie and I would walk ourselves silly.

So please, semi-dream home gods, grant my wish!

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