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Friday, February 29, 2008

Thankful Flashback Friday

I do have some pretty great friends. I'm not gonna lie, I don't see them often, but I appreciate them.

This week, Kristie gave me a shout out in a post that also discusses her fabulous, new-to-her retro house. What do I have to do with her new house? Well...nothing, but it still made sense to me.

Because of Kristie's sweetness, I'm feeling the need to send the good vibes back at her.

Like she mentioned, we go way back. Back to the days of my BSB obsession. Back to the days of the cul-de-sac by Bountiful High. Back to the days of sleepovers with our younger siblings (all 7!) and sharing our 12-yr-old-girl angst regarding the complications of step-families.

It's hard to grow up and grow apart, but I'm so glad Kris at least tracked me down to send me an invite to her wedding reception. Ironically enough, we got married just 15 days apart in June of 2006.

What do I still admire so much about Kris even though we don't get to hang out like the good ol' days? For starters, that girl is dang smart. Not just book smarts either. She can make you laugh with her satire any day. Seriously, just read her blog. She inspired me to start my own.

Kris, please don't hate me to for posting a pic of us from way back when. It's just too precious to pass up. Plus, you can barely see the awkwardness that is our 14-yr-old selves.

Pictured above you have Kris, me, Ashton (K's stepbro) Jesh (my bro), Kim (K's sis), Tommy (K's bro), Soph (my sis), Brenn (K's stepsis), and Caden (K's stepbro). Seriously, all of us used to hang out and fight and play and have giant sleepovers. Ashton snored a lot. This picture is from 1999, the summer my family moved back to Maine. It was sad.

And now all those kids are big. At Kristie's reception I almost had a heart attack seeing how beautiful her sisters are and how big Cade is. He used to call me "Liv-EEEE-ah." I still love your family Kris. Your dad and Lalli gave me ginormous hugs when Sophia and I visited them in November. Thanks for sharing them!

Let's move to another flashback on a completely unrelated note... they're here! The sweet treat from Kimba arrived today (you only had to flashback to earlier this week). They're DEEEE-licious. Thank you so much for sharing the abundance.

You know what else Kimba shares? Great stories. Please, if you haven't already discovered her blog, do it today. Just click and be amazed. She's funny. And oh-so-crafty. Just look:

I have thoroughly enjoyed one already. And since I'm taking Maddie for a walk on this splendidly beautiful leap day (between loads of laundry, of course) I will treat myself to a second. Possibly a third.

Thanks Kris and Kimba for the influence you have in my life for good... whether through chocolate or not, it's all good in my book.

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  1. Yeah! I'm so glad it got there, hopefully all in one piece!

    I'm so glad to be able to keep up with you, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I'm just jotting down some of those books and songs to check out! :) My ever growing Books to Read List!


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