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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thankfuly Thursday

I've come to terms with the fact that Kevin doesn't buy flowers. It's ok. Even on Valentine's Day. We don't even celebrate V-Day, but I'm working in an office that will be getting deliveries all day.

Thankfully, when I got flowers in the past, I took pictures. So I will just look at those today and be grateful for them.

And I will share them with you. So if you are also among the millions of women who didn't get flowers, you can pretend.

These yellow daisies with red roses are from Homecoming 2004 at WSU. Pretty.

These white daisies and red/white carnations were a "just because" gift. Precious.

These white tulips were a gift at Christmas-time before going out to see a fun play in downtown SLC.

And the final bouquet is actually from my parents. When I finally passed Math 1050 after 2.5 tries, they sent me flowers. Yea!!

It's really ok. Promise. I just reserve the right to look at these photos and sigh without being judged.


  1. Kevin, my kevin, had to work at the Olive Garden tonight. Just me and my t.v. I think you have every right to enjoy these flowers. I especially love the tulips!

  2. ugh. I remember the dreaded V-day shift at the Olive Garden. When I worked there, the only reason I got to go home before midnight was b/c I started crying.


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