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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vote for Maddie!

Remember how I needed a little help here? Involving Maddie and a vacuum? Well, the time has come to go to Bissell's MVP contest and vote for Maddie. The photos are randomized, but I'll show you which one you're looking for:

Today is the day voting starts, and it's one vote per person, per voting period. So please, vote for my cute little dog so Kev and I can try to win a vacuum that will actually suck up all her pet hair. Remember, we're trying to buy a house, so that means more surface area for Maddie to cover. Currently we just have a wee little vacuum that does well, but not well enough.

Thanks a ton. The competition is cute, but seriously, Maddie is cuter.

PS When I submitted Maddie's photo, Bissell told me it would be available for voting today. I think they were mistaken. It looks like her photo will be posted by tomorrow. Regardless, when you go to the Bissell link, follow the menu on the left-hand side of the site. Select "Vote on Photos." Then select the voting period (she actually IS NOT in the voting period that's still open today). Once you can select the voting period that starts on Feb. 5th, you'll be able to search an alphabetical list of pet names in the "Locating a Specific Pet" link. Then you can just browse for "Maddie" until you find the right one! Easy peasy.

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