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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Which is Worse?

Ok, this is a tough question. Which is worse- hearing shovels scrape outside your bedroom window at 1am or 6:45am?

The problem with 1am is that I have been sleeping for about an hour by now. And the dog is still on the bed because Kev has just finished reading and hasn't locked her away yet. So the dog proceeds to growl and bark at the people she hears scraping shovels across pavement right outside our bedroom window.

You may be wondering why people are doing this at 1am. Well, it's because they're practically pro snowboarders, man. And they gotta ride rails somewhere, man. And take photos to send to top boarding mags, man.

The problem with 6:45am is that I know I should've gotten up around 6:30, but I have yet to get to that. I know I can sleep another 15 minutes and still make it to work by 8. So having someone shovel at 6:45 poses a problem because I feel gypped of 15 minutes, even though I know I'm already on borrowed time.

You may be wondering why people are doing this at 6:45am. Well, it's because the new custodian actually does his job and he's either A) cleaning up after snowboarders or B) cleaning up after the gazillionth snow storm Utah has had.

So which is worse? I haven't decided yet.

Oh, did I mention that the 1am shoveling and the 6:45am shoveling happened in the same night? Yeah. So I didn't even get to choose the lesser of two evils... if there is one in this case.

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