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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wish Me Luck

I interview with big Texas on the 27th. Nervous? Yes.

If I can land this job, my dreams of owning a home and having a real yard for Miss Maddie will be more realistic than ever before.

My shoe fetish will be well-funded.

Student loans will be re-payed with more gusto than ever before.

We'll have health insurance! We can break bones willy-nilly and afford to have them fixed!

Basically, I'm really grateful for the opportunity to even interview. Even though I have a degree and am technically qualified to interview for big-girl jobs, I still feel really young and nervous.

Phew. Only 5 more days till zero hour.

PS On this Thankful Thursday I'm also so glad it's sunny and I had a great walk with the Madster this afternoon. She's just like a boy... stopping to sniff and pee every few yards or so... especially if it's apparent that someone else (and by that I mean dog) has already left his mark.


  1. Good luck! Gotta love interviews! I wish I could get me somma those...

  2. goooood luck!!! you will be amazing and they will be like wow we need this chick. and then youll go away and be a real grown up and get a house. woot woot!


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