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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Color Me...

With Laura Ashley paints. And maybe some Eddie Bauer. Waverly Homes and Earth Elements look good too.


Ok, here's what this means: I carry around paint samples all day long in my quest to find the right colors for my non-existent house. Here are the colors I love-

(Laura Ashley)
1. Dark Green 5
2. Deep Cowslip 4
3. October Bronze
4. Pale Sunshine
5. Old Gold

(Eddie Bauer)
1. Corkboard
2. Winter Wheat
3. Canoe
4. Coffee Bean
5. Honeysuckle Bloom

(Waverly Homes)
1. Bangkok Rust

(Earth Elements)
1. Pale Glow

The sad part is that while at Lowe's with Seth, he mentioned that Home Depot's BEHR paint is of higher and more desirable quality than the paint at Lowe's. WHAT?! Why do this to me now? I haven't even been to Home Depot for paint samples. I like Lowe's better. There are people who work at Lowe's who know their job is to help me. At Home Depot... not so much. I just don't know if I can start all over with paint colors from another brand. Does Home Depot carry Laura Ashley? Eddie? I need those colors!! I don't think I can live if one of my bedroom walls isn't Canoe colored!! And seriously, I just made the leap to consider some orange-y hues, and now that is going to be ripped away from me? It's tragic.

But, if BEHR paint is really worth it, I will trek to HD and peruse their paint samples.

Thoughts? Paint suggestions?

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