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Friday, March 21, 2008

Flash Back Friday

As promised, a list of all things wonderfully flash-backy regarding me and Kev in the beginning stages of our friendship:

June 22, 2005
"Alex brought Kevin, his roomie, to hike [Waterfall Canyon] with us. I've met him before- he worked at the WSU Radio Station. He's really nice."

June 23, 2005
Be friends with Kevin Taylor b/c he's nice and funny"

June 29, 2005
"I talked to [ex-boyfriend] last night...He said he'd heard something interesting about me- that Alex and I had gone out. I think he was under the impression it'd been date-like...Apparently he heard it from Kevin" (little did Kev know I was writing in my journal about wanting to spend more time with him).

July 2, 2005 (6:12AM)
"I have yet to go to bed. I'm at least waiting for the sun to rise. I went up 29th Street to take pics of Jon, Ally, Kev and Alex while they rock climbed. We watched "Hotel Rwanda," ate, talked, laughed and then crashed at my place to watch "Home Fries." Kevin is awesome. I enjoy him... Ally, Kev, Josh, Nik and I are going to some 4th of July celebration later tonight..."

July 3, 2005
"I've had an amazing weekend...It's weird to have this crush on [Kevin]...I don't know if I should keep liking Kev. I'm really tired of ruining friendships. But it was really fun to flirt with him...Kev played with my hair for a while [and] was really sweet about me driving hom [so late] from his house last night. YEA!! He's texting me [right now]. Good times."

July 4, 2005
"We held hands- I feel so lame saying that, but it was really nice. Gave me butterflies. Can't help but wonder if he's the answer to my prayers. That's what scares me- one of these days I'm going to be in a real relationship that's going somewhere.
"Kevin's very good. I mean, I think he genuinely cares about people. He's sincere, he's real. There's no act. I like that."

July 5, 2005
"I might have an anxiety attack [if he tries to kiss me]."

July 6, 2005
"I knew Kevin was going to kiss me when he started tucking my hair behind my ear (and no, I didn't have an anxiety attack)...It's so weird that we kissed. But good weird."

July 8, 2005
"What if this is for real? What if this stays so wonderful? I might throw up I'm so nervous."

July 11, 2005
"[Kev] told me he'd never cheat on me, steal from me or lie to me" (WHICH IS TRUE!! When he was going to school last year, I asked him how class was and he said something really lame about it. I asked him if he even went and he was like... um, well, no. He can't lie. It's awesome.)

July 12, 2005
"Josh told Mandi he can see me getting engaged this year. She laughed and said no way. I just stared at Josh because I couldn't believe he was thinking it. He said there's just something about Kevin that seems different. He really approves. I talked with Trav today and he also commented on me getting engaged. His bet is by Christmas. These people are insane. This is not happening. I can't believe that the day this crazy thought pops into my head, two other people bring it up."
(For the record, Kev and I got engaged two days after Christmas in 2005.)

July 19, 2005
"I can't figure out where [Kev] came from, or why I'm so lucky to have him."

July 26, 2005
"Here is the prose I wrote for my English class with Deeter:

'I was sitting on a swing opposite my friend on a chilly summer night. Everything was new for us and we talked of people we had in common. He and I discussed the fickleness of others and I told him some people just don't know what they want. In response, he asked if I knew for myself. It was then that I realized I was no longer sitting on a swing opposite my friend--he had turned into something so much more underneath a dark sky of twinkling stars.'"

August 15, 2005
"Kev and I stayed up all Friday night. He said to me: 'I want you to know something...' then he told me that he loves me [and then he] apologized because he was afraid it would make our relationship complicated."

August 20, 2005
"Kev said his niece asked her mom if she could be his flower girl...he just told her...not to plan on being in a wedding right now...I could possibly marry this boy."

That's all for now!! You can see how quickly everything fell into place with Kev. I was not only falling in love with him that summer, but going to school and working. Needless to say, I thought I was too busy to fall in love, but it happened anyway. When it's right, it's right

Stay tuned for more chronicles.

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  1. aww i love this. you guys are so cute!! like a week before we got engaged i made this little book thing, and i photocopied pages out of my journal that talked about joshua. its awesome to look back on it all! :]


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