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Monday, March 24, 2008

French Words I Love

I was laying awake last night, unable to sleep, and I started thinking of French words. The worst part is that there were too many I couldn't remember. I was trying to name all the rooms in our new house and I could not, for the life of me, remember the term for "living room." So now I will look it up on the Internet and stop worrying about it.


(sale de séjour!! duh)

Anyway, here is a list of French words/phrases I love (the sound of) and what they mean:

Peut-être = perhaps
la piscine = swimming pool
jouer = to play
chanter = to sing
mari = husband
petite chien noire = little black dog---> since I'm referring to Maddie, the adjectives are feminine, even though the word for dog is masculine
neige = snow
amour = love (noun form)
petit ami or copain = boyfriend
travailler = to work
promenade = walk (noun form)
printemps = spring
été = summer
automne = fall
hiver = winter (pronounced “ee-vear," not "hi-ver")

Alright, now I'm done with my French obsession for the day. I wish I could send you to and figure out how to show the pronunciation for everything, but I couldn't find that part of the site. This list just isn't as much fun when you don't know how to say the words.

Have fun trying!

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