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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Things

Yesterday was a good day.

My friend Nikki and I had planned for a girls' night out that involved shopping. I have been depriving myself of this little treat for quite some time now.

After an entire afternoon of running errands with Kev (that involved dinner at Fazoli's, yea!) Nikki and I met up to go to the mall.

Here are the highlights:

*1 great shirt from Wet Seal
*1 free fragrance from Victoria's Secret (thank goodness for $10-off coupons!!)
*1 shiny silver booklet to hold the passport I hope to get soon (once we close on the house, Kev and I will turn in our papers with our new address on them!!) PS the booklet was 25 cents because I used up $2 that remained on the mall gift card my mom gave me a year ago.
*8 great shirts from ROSS (it's so awesome when they're all less than $6 each)
*1 great pair of shoes:

I've never had yellow heels before. They're more mustard-y than the picture portrays. But it's all good. I spent just around $100 last night and that was my limit. I figured that since I just got a $1 raise at work, and I've been putting in overtime, I deserved a little treat. It's just not as much fun spending money on groceries and bills and gas, so I decided it was time to stop depriving myself of retail therapy.

Plus, Kev and I turned in our recycling yesterday and got $30!! Kev's also been spring cleaning and selling random items on So he's been giving extra cash to me so I could treat myself.

Thanks honey, you're sweet. I'm glad you got a new video game with the store credit you accumulated by selling back some of our old CDs.

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