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Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Things

Despite all my complaining about lists, I wanted to end on a high note. So here's a list full of good things:

-> extra blanket on the bed
-> Kev took Maddie out this morning so I didn't have to (in four inches of snow, mind you)
-> free fries for lunch
-> all the mail is DONE at work, wahoo!
-> the heater works in my car
-> I'm going to IKEA this weekend to determine what curtains are worth keeping on my list
-> I'm babysitting Seth's dog this weekend
-> Kev learned how to "shake 'n bake" pork chops last night
-> I have all 10 seasons of "Friends" on DVD and I've started watching them all again
-> Maddie is so cute
-> 28 days until we close on the house
-> DSW sent me a $5-off Bday coupon
-> I don't have to facilitate Monday-night trainings for the next 4 weeks (even though I thought I did!)
-> I have a great family and good friends
-> My brother Jeshua gets home from his mission this week (even though I won't see him till later this year)
-> People at work like me
-> I didn't forget a lunch today
-> next Sunday's dinner is already shopped for and planned so I don't have to worry about it all week

Hope you all have happy things to think about today to start your week off right :)


  1. What an awesome list from your mom. And congrats on going to the bathroom outside. I have yet to conquer that one myself. :o)

  2. Whoops! I put my comment on the wrong post (it was supposed to be on the previous one). Oh well, it's Monday... *sigh*


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