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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I did a little Internet browsing for more flowers to add to my wishlist. I also made a mental note to check out gardening books from the library. Why? Because right now all I'm thinking is: "buy seeds, stick in ground, and BEHOLD!! Flowers!" I'm gonna need a bit more guidance. At least I've taken into consideration what blooms when and how much light it needs.

Lilly of the Valley
Dianthus Cranberry Ice
Blanket Flower
Black-eyed Susan
African Daisy
Balloon Flower

Coral Bells
Angel's Trumpet
Globe Amaranth
Dahlia Happy Single Party
Willow-leaved Sunflower
English Lavendar
New England Aster

Some days I feel like Blogger is my enemy when all I want to do is stuff a post full of photos. So please forgive me for the haphazard appearance today.

I'm just trying to spread a little sunshine!! Later this week I should be able to pick up some books I reserved at the Library (because yes, after starting this post I went online and looked at my many options). Kev has even had to listen to me drone on and on about herbs and sunflowers and butterflies. Exactly what a man wants to discuss during his weekend.

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  1. You should get a book called Temple Square Gardening.
    It's full of flowers and things that grow well in our area and it's got pictures of them all and tips on where and how to plant them.
    It's one of my favorite gardening books.
    I love lots of the flowers you listed here.


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