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Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Starting to Hate Lists

But I just can't give up on the challenge when I only have a few days left. At least I'm still trying to be creative.

I was going through my cell phone today and I realized that without context, some of the text messages are funny. Others are just nice reminders of things that have been going on in life lately.

"some dude blew the fuse for my bedroom because he had some machine plugged into an outside outlet that shares my circuit. lame." (Me, to Seth regarding my frustrations at not having power in my bedroom this morning. I also had to tell "some dude" that he wasn't allowed to come into my building to plug his machine into another outlet. He tried to follow me in so he could blow more fuses, but I said no way and locked the lobby door behind him... I'm mean).

"he drives a malibu and sneaks a chihuahua into the dorms. he's not a real man" (I'm not even going to explain).

"congrats on the job!" (my brother being happy for me).

"They accepted our offer" (Kev telling me at work that we bought a house!).

"the pink one you told me about?" (Ash referring to my house).

"I'm so excited! I can't wait to buy it! We have to have an enchanted party and watch it when I get out there!" (Sophia referring to the movie Enchanted coming out on DVD).

"I didn't think storks could mail letters, it's hard for them to lick the stamps" (I have no idea what Kev was talking about when he sent me that message).

"I love the heck out of you" (Funny husband).

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