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Monday, March 17, 2008


Things that are difficult to cope with at work:

*The heat is always on, so it is 80 degrees inside. Always.
*Box Elder bugs on the computer. Box Elder bugs in the sink. Box Elder bugs dropping out of the lights. Box Elder bugs... everywhere.
*People in adjacent offices sometimes use speaker phone to call someone who obviously does not want to answer so all I hear is "ring. ring. ring. ring. ring" as I dodge Box Elder bugs flying at my head.
*Patrons enter this 5-story office building (with 6 additional floors for residents) and come into the Housing Office asking if I know where Joan's office is. Who the freak is Joan? If she doesn't work for Housing, then I (working in the Housing Office) don't know where her office is. Please refer to the directory in the lobby.
*The mail man comes and always puts the pen for the electronic signature on my left. EVERY day I have to unwind it around to the right side because I am right-handed. Couldn't he pay attention like the awesome UPS guy and put it on my right?
*Being called "snooty."
*Getting the mail done in 2.5 seconds and then realizing that was the only work-related task I had for the day... so now I have nothing to do for the next 6.5 hours.
*No one will come in for anything all day, until I pull out my lunch. No matter the time, someone always comes when I want to eat my lunch. I don't get a lunch break, so I just have to eat at the desk and hope it goes well. So far, no such luck.

Things that are easy to cope with at work:

*Nice parents who come in with their students and take tours
*Making popcorn at least 3 days a week in the big popcorn machine
*Watching HGTV on the long, slow days
*Having computer/internet access
*Being able to leave for 7 minutes to take Maddie out to wee
*My nice coworkers
*A paycheck
*Free water from the water cooler
*Rent-free apartment is part of my compensation
*I can pick and choose my hours

It evens out, doesn't it?

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