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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Items to Buy for New Home

Basically, go to IKEA and pick something from every aisle. That should sum it up.

Ok, no, seriously I have some legitimate suggestions. And we really don't need too much for our new home... coming soon!!

I stumbled upon IKEA's fantastic window treatments section online/in catalogue and I wanted to share my inexpensive, practical finds with ya'll. And since it's listy month, what better way to get my wish list organized than right here on the ol' blog?

Bambu Roll-up Blind, natural

Melina Roman Blind, beige/brown

Expedit Shelves, white/birch/black-brown

Bjursta Table, black-brown

Stefan Chair, red

See? That's nothing. It's mostly essentials... dining room table/chairs, window coverings, and something that's actually bigger than our TV to safely house it. Those Expedit shelves are FAN-tastic. They can lay horizontal or stand vertical. Amazing. We have a bigger version (than the one I linked) at work and it's the greatest storage. If Kev and I decide to invest in the bigger version, it'll finally get all our DVDs/videos/books in one place.

We also need a fridge. And depending on the condition of the range that comes with the little pink house, we may need to invest in a newer one after we move in.

Any other suggestions for inexpensive fixes? I'm assuming you're all loyal IKEA fans by now. If not, you should be. Head back to their website and you'll quickly fall in love. (No, I am not sponsored by IKEA. I just have the nesting bug. I'm sure once the work on a house commences, I will no longer be praising home-ownership so enthusiastically... but until we actually close on the house, I am free to enjoy myself, no?).

PS Maybe I also want this in white/blue. Or this. Who cares if I already bought the Alvine Flor set? Maddie is furry and so are my covers!

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