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Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's Tax Season!

Things to do with our pending tax return:

put towards a house
buy things for new house- plumbing, sink fixtures, hardware, window treatments, mailbox, etc... (i.e. go to IKEA and throw money at cashiers)
buy shoes
buy real meat for a few weeks so Kev and I remember what it's like to have protein
get a non-tiny vacuum
fix the Honda's "CHECK ENGINE" light problem
buy Kev candy since he recently expressed disdain at the current contents of the candy bowl

That's what seems most pressing right now. We shall see what actually happens with the return. I'm betting it goes towards the house we end up buying and the inevitable repairs/cosmetic improvements.

Or maybe I'll accidentally spend some of it at DSW, since it's just down the street now.

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  1. Hey, Liv, I'm really enjoying your lists. They're very thoughtful and imaginative! I hope you're ready to do another one cuz I've tagged you over on List-o-Rama!


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