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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Garden

Although we have just submitted an offer on our semi-dream home, I am already planning a garden.

I've never had a garden before, but so what? It'll be great to learn. I already know I want tulips and daisies growing under the picture window out front. I'll just have to rip out 6 million feet of ivy that is currently cluttering the flower bed next to the porch. There's also that big bush that needs to go. But I'll get to that, I'm sure.

On the side of the driveway, behind an extremely over-grown, thorny thing is a wonderful bit of grass that Kev pointed out would be a great place for a garden. It'll eventually be fenced off from the back yard, so no pets (i.e. MADDIE) will be tempted to eat it.

So far, this is what I want in my garden:


Can all these grow together? What needs shade and what needs lots of sun? I have a lot of learning to do... Can I grow watermelon in Utah?

I'm sure I'll eventually go to Lowe's and look at all the plants and pass out from the sheer mass of flowers from which I can choose. Please help.

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  1. So, I don't know anything about gardening, but congrats!!!! That is so exciting, I hope it goes well! I'll just have to live my home-owning dreams through you. :)


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