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Monday, March 03, 2008

On the LPod

Top 25 most-played tunes on the Pod:

I'll Put a Spell on You- Aqualung
Brighter Than Sunshine- Aqualung
"Track 3"- Enjoy Music Vol. 2
Falling Out of Love- Aqualung
In Other Words- Ben Kweller
Comfortably Numb- David Ari Leon (Piano Tribute to Pink Floyd)
Wish You Were Here- David Ari Leon
Shine on You Crazy Diamond- David Ari Leon
Money- D.A.L.
Goodbye Blue Sky- D.A.L.
Pigs on a Wing- D.A.L.
Have a Cigar- D.A.L.
"Track 1"- Enjoy Music Vol. 2
"Track 2"- Enjoy Music Vol. 2
Futures- Jimmy Eat World
Work- Jimmy Eat World
Kill- Jimmy Eat World
The World You Love- Jimmy Eat World
Pain- Jimmy Eat World
Be Honest- Nik Freitas
Good Times Gonna Come- Aqualung
"Track 4" Enjoy Music Vol. 2
Your House- Jimmy Eat World
Zak and Sara- Ben Folds
Make It Up- Ben Kweller

I think I need to spice it up a little. Maybe that's why "Lady Marmalade" came on in the car this morning.

PS "Enjoy Music" is a compilation by Kev. So... I have no idea who sings what. Ha.

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  1. scissor sisters does a really good remake of comfortably numb. you should look it up!!


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