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Monday, March 10, 2008

Quote(s) of the Week

When I lived with Mandi during school, we were all about the silly friend quotes. We had two rows of note cards with quotes that hung around our entire living room/kitchen.

As a gift one year for some special occasion, Mandi compiled a bunch of the funny notes on bits of paper and stuck each quote on a colored glass stone. She put them in a cute little box and I keep it on my bookshelf now so I can easily open it and remember the good ol' days.

Some must be prefaced with "Remember when...?" before reading.

I'll share some with you that still make me giggle and scratch my head in wonder:

"Look, it's a cookie, can I step on it?"
"Why don't you just throw that sharp, pointy object at me; I'll catch it in my eye!"
"Laugh as often as you possibly can."
"What was in your eye?" "I dunno, either a hair or a rhinoceros."
"Exclamation points need to be reserved for exclamations like 'FIRE!'"
"You can eat the same spicy mustard as rich people!"
"How many oreos are in a package?" "Ask JEEVES!"
"Is it glass?" "You're glass!" "SHUT UP."
"I spilled Spot Remover on my dog. Now he's gone."
"Every 7 seconds there's an awkward silence..."
"Goody! Now you can eat your bacon...I mean now you can bake your rolls!" "What?!"
"There's a time in your life when you have to stop looking back and start looking forward because otherwise you're going to walk down the road one day and bump into a lamppost."

Remember when...

"we went to Peach Days with Raquel?"
"Raquel told 'yo momma' jokes all the time?"
"we did the Pilates ab video and were supposed to scoop and pinch?"
"you broke Raquel's mixer?"
"we had the Great Wind Storm of 2004?"
"we played volleyball and seriously ruled at it?"
"Indian Mike came over every day and then he slipped a note under the door for you?"
"we made up our own walking styles?"
"I discovered my taste buds?"
"Suzanne lived with us...wait, Suzanne who?"
"I was a chicken dinner for Halloween?"
"you got locked in your bathroom and I had to let you out?"
"we watched 'Finding Nemo' 4 or 5 times in one week?"
"Housing showed a movie on the side of our building and tied the screen to our beds?"
"you yelled at Lacey's friend Rawley?"
"we had 8am Tuesday bus rides together?"

I know a lot of these will have no meaning to most of you, but I hope it reminds you of how freaking crazy roommates are. Or just gal pals in general.

Mandi stopped by my work last week and I was so happy to see her. It's been about a month since we've chatted. She's working full-time and getting life back in line after her grandmother's passing. But we can catch up like nobody's business and I was so glad to have a few minutes with her. I've been meaning to get some of these quotes on here for a while now, and seeing Mandi was the perfect motivator.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post- Andi tagged me via her listy-blog.

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