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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thank Goodness It's Gail!!

I was dreading thinking up a new list for today and when I finally logged into my email tonight, my mom had sent me a list!! The best part is it's all about me!!

So if it appears I'm bragging, I'm not. It's my mom. And moms are allowed to brag all they want about their kids.

In keeping with the spirit of Liv's blog of lists this month, her parents (Marc and Gail) created a list (in no particular order) of why we think Liv is so awesome.

1. Liv brought the first granddoggie into our lives. That Maddie is wicked cute. And now Seth's dog, Samson has also stolen our hearts.
2. Liv is amazingly talented - painting, drawing, photography, crafts (is that a bad word?), and has the singing voice of an angel.
3. Liv meets her fears - she conquered math and now works with numbers, she gave blood, she went to the bathroom outside while camping!
4. Liv has incredible dental hygiene. What a flosser and brusher.
5. Liv gave us the chance to know and love Kevin.
6. Liv is a fiercely loyal friend.
7. Liv keeps the whole family connected through emails, phone calls and visits.
8. Liv has a delightful sense of humor and a great laugh.
9. Liv knows how to set and achieve goals.
10. Liv has an unwavering testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and lives its principles.
11. Liv is honest and has integrity.
12. Liv isn't a mooch.
13. Liv shared her blog address with us.
14. Liv takes the family passion for great shoes to new heights.

Thanks Gail. I really needed a freebie for the list theme. Now I only have one more day to go.

FYI- I'll probably take a small break from blogging since my committment to lists took a lot out of me. I just need to stop thinking about posting for a couple of days.

Thanks for the support!!

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  1. aww i love your mom :] she is one of my favorite people!


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