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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Why I am especially thankful for Kev this week:

He let me go back to sleep for 10 extra minutes and took Maddie out for me on Wednesday morning.

He went with me to look at our semi-dream home and was very objective and practical about everything.

He let me mope in bed after work two days in a row this week because I'd had bad days.

He lets me get away with heating up pizza in the oven instead of actually making real dinner.

He tells people at work about me, so when they met me on Wednesday they asked how the job thing turned out.

He's going to let me buy this duvet set even though it has flowers and he is morally opposed to flowery things (the dark blue is really manly though!!).

He's going to let me paint our walls any color combo I see fit (no pink allowed, of course).

He is so freakin cute.

He helped me with my LPod... for the millionth time. I just can't seem to load music by myself.

He understands the importance of a big closet.

He folds my shirts into little tiny squares when he does laundry.

He's so smart.

He always wants to make everything easier for me.

I must stop now, otherwise this list will go on forever. Kev, I love you, just in case I didn't already tell you that today.

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  1. I think it's in their blood to oppose flowery things. Looks like you got a good one though! :) I'm excited to see more pics of this house! Also, just a tad insanely jealous, but oh so happy for you. Can't wait!


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