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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I went to IKEA on Monday night. Brought Maddie along for the drive and then left her at Seth's to be eaten by Samson. I know this is an accurate description of her time there because when I went back to Seth's to pick Maddie up, she was soaking wet. Apparently Sam had latched onto Maddie's neck for half the time I was gone. Seth said Maddie hid under his truck with him (while he worked on it's belly) because Sam can't get under the truck and reach her. Smart dog.

This post is eventually going to be keeping with the list theme, but first I must of course talk about my dog.


Anyway- back to IKEA. Here's why I love IKEA:

1. Everything is pretty.

2. I bought this for $39-
3. I went to the "As Is" section and actually found something I have on my IKEA list, but currently could not afford. Well, IKEA apparently wanted me to afford it because *poof* there it was, in all it's deliciously red glory-It had been on the showroom floor, so it was marked down $70. Thank you, IKEA (even though you didn't help an obviously unaccompanied woman take it out to the car or help put it in the car. Thanks for that goes to the kind stranger who loaded her kids up in her van and then offered her assistance to me).

4. IKEA has beautiful lamps-

Which will go on either side of the new bedding, or on the new dresser. Y'know, the options are endless.

5. And what would table lamps be without matching floor lamps? Nothing! I am glad IKEA also has affordable series, such as the aforementioned Orgel Lamps-

In addition to this list of everything IKEA, I must also point out that I am grateful that Kev is so extremely open to my ideas. So open in fact that he trusts me to go to IKEA alone and buy furnishings for our home after only seeing the items on the internet/in the catalog. That's amazing.

On a semi-related note: we should be looking at another house this weekend, just to help put the house we already love into perspective. I'm excited.


  1. aww i cant wait to have a place to decorate!! you know whats funny is that we registered on target for a table and floor lamp that look exactly like those ones. crazzzy. good taste livia :]

  2. I'm thankful for Ikea too!

    Good luck with your house hunting. It can be stressful at times, but in a good way. When we were finally ready to buy a house we looked at 13 in total. We spent the entire time comparing them all to the first one we looked at, which is the one we ended up buying (and 8 years later we're still loving it)!

  3. I always talk about my dog first. What's with that? It's always... Oakleigh and I did dah dah dah... you would think I live in an Ikea store I have so much Ikea in my house. When I was in Barcelona my favorite waiter told me his favorite place near where he live is EeeeKayAhh. I had to make him write it out and then we bonded forever. He drew a picture of your lamp. When I learn how to scan, I will post it for you.

  4. Oh, I've been meaning to tell you... I've been trying desperately to add another scroll box to my side bar and I can NOT get it to work, AT ALL. :-(

  5. i can't get the scroll bar to work with links in it!! i am not as computer savvy as i would like to be!!


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