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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

(I'll be thankful when this month is over because then I'll be done with this list challenge!)

Reasons why I'll be thankful to leave my current apartment:

--->If someone is vacuuming at 6am, that someone will be me so I won't be waking me up unless it's on purpose.

--->No more random people knocking on my door when they can't find the foreign language department.

--->People might take me more seriously if I live in a big-girl house instead of in an apartment located in the lobby of a building on campus.

--->When someone uses a drinking fountain, I won't hear it in my apartment.

--->My bed will no longer be up against an outside wall that is connected to very squeaky, bangy, lobby doors.

--->No one will stop me and my rabid dog at 6:30am and try to ask me about the Coke machine when I am obviously just trying to get the aforementioned dog back into the apartment so I can shower.

--->I will have a guaranteed parking space and will not be "stall stalked" when I walk to my car.

--->It will no longer be necessary to haul my laundry past students and feel weird when I disappear into a basement room that secretly houses a washer and dryer next to the foreign language classrooms.

--->No one will be smoking outside my bedroom window ever again. EVER!!

--->I will have an actual address. So when I tell it to people, they can find where I live instead of staring at me like I'm a weirdo because I live on campus and they don't get it.

What I'll miss about my apartment:

--->The huge closet.

--->8 million kitchen cabinets.

--->Deer and ducks right outside the window.

--->Free internet/cable/phone.

--->Free rent (maybe this should've been first on the list).

*I am thankful the offer was accepted on our house*

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