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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks MSN

While at work, I like to browse I know it's not the greatest source of information, but I did stumble across a neat site regardless.

It's all about the worst and most popular baby names in the last century. It's so neat to read over what the trends have been. I'll share some with you:

Female names
1. Emily
2. Emma
3. Madison <---- holla, Maddie!
4. Isabella
5. Ava
6. Abigail
7. Olivia <---- almost my name!
8. Hannah
9. Sophia <---- my sister! But she was born in '90s, not '06
10. Samantha

Male names

1. Jacob
2. Michael
3. Joshua
4. Ethan
5. Matthew
6. Daniel
7. Christopher
8. Andrew
9. Anthony
10. William

1980 (the decade in which I was born)
Female names
1. Jennifer <----I think every other girl in the 80s was named this
2. Amanda
3. Jessica
4. Melissa
5. Sarah
6. Heather
7. Nicole
8. Amy
9. Elizabeth
10. Michelle

Male names
1. Michael
2. Christopher
3. Jason
4. David
5. James
6. Matthew <---- I have about 10 "Matts" in my cell phone
7. Joshua
8. John
9. Robert
10. Joseph

Absurd names:

TODAY viewers share their kooky favorites, from unfortunate names like "Tyranny" to bizarre ones like "Cascade."

Jus-N-Tyme. The mother said she made it to the hospital just in time for the baby boy to be born.
--Anonymous, Birmingham, AL

My husband and I had a deal. I'd name a girl and my husband would name a boy. We got a boy. His name is Judas Christian. I've relaxed about it, but several members of our families hate it.
--Anonymous, Vancouver, WA

Orangalo and Lamongalo. Jell-O was the only thing she could eat towards the end of her pregnancy.
--Anonymous, Winston Salem, NC

Violence is the name of a child born here in Howard County, IN. The doctors and the social workers tried talk them out of the name, but to no avail. --Anonymous, Kokomo, IN

My mother's co-worker has a new grandson named West. I knew two young sisters named Truth and Justice, my teacher said "Now all they need is a brother named American Way."
--Anonymous, Erie, PA

I am a teacher and have had students named Holly Wood and Candy Kahne.
--Amanda Oliver, Cornelius, NC

A local official in Parkersburg, WV was named Harry Pitts.
--Anonymous, Parkersburg, WV

My grandmother was saddled with the name Vera Elvira. She was often serenaded by friends and family singing The Oakridge Boys 1981 hit "Elvira."
--Diana Horst, Liverpool, NY

A cousin of a friend of mine named her daughter Tyranny. My uncle (a police officer) locked up a woman named Sh*thead, only without the asterisk- pronounced Shi-TAYd.
--Anonymous, Baltimore, MI

About 20-25 years ago I knew a man who gave his son the name "Alias." His girlfriend, the mother of the child, apparently thought the name was pretty cool so there is a man now walking this earth named "Alias." This must raise some eyebrows when he fills out a job application or experiences a minor traffic stop. I don't even want to think about an encounter with Homeland Security.
--Anonymous , Wilbraham, MA

Brock Lee. I'm not sure what they were thinking! Or even if they thought about it until after the fact.
--Lisa Stricker, Clarksburg, WV

Pajama (pronounced pay-jeh-meh). [The mother] mentioned she was looking through a Sears catalog when she was pregnant and the name jumped out at her and she knew right then and there, this was to be her daughter's name. I asked her how to spell “Pay-jeh-meh” and she replied P-A-J-A-M-A. . I thought to myself, oh no! Her poor daughter is named after Sears catalog sleepwear.
--John Panzella, San Diego, CA

A daughter of a friend of the family named her two children Samurai and Abacus.
--Anonymous, Elkridge, MD

Nataz, that’s what she named her son. She thought it was "cool" that it is Satan spelled backwards.
--Anonymous, Chico, CA

The weirdest name I ever heard for a person is Catnip Moonbeam.
--Anonymous, Ft Hood, TX

I was once at a national park and heard this fake-blonde, trophy wife was yelling at her daughter. "Cascade! Cascade!" I knew she had thought the name sounded cool, trendy, and upper class. All I could think was, "great. You named your kid after a laundry detergent!"
--Sandra Trisdale, San Diego, CA

Roxanne Gravel. As in, "rocks and gravel".
--Anonymous, L.A., CA

Strange' pronounced (Straw ja')
--Anonymous, Wynne, AR

A friend of mine told me about a girl on a soccer team named "Levitra". Seriously. People were yelling, "Good job Levitra!"
--Anonymous, Dublin, CA

In grade school there was a boy in my class named Rusty Nail.
--Anonymous, Stephens’s city, VA

Someone where I used to work named his baby girl "Damya." Yes, really. Employees who saw the announcement on the bulletin board kept imagining the child on the playground, "Get down from there Damya!" The parents had perfectly normal names.
--Anonymous, McDonald, TN

My son has a friend named Cole. That is not so bad, but his last name is Deggs. Now say his name together Cole Deggs. The kids all called him Cold Eggs!
--Teresa Walls, Ransomville, NY

Ripley and Nixon are names that will be given to twins to be born (c-section) in April.
-- Anonymous, Burleson, TX

When I worked in retail, a young couple came in and were discussing their baby's name with an associate of mine. They wanted to name their child after a good friend, but they could not decide between two friends, Eric and Keith. So they squashed the name together and decided to name their child Erickeith. Seriously.
--Anonymous, Marietta, OH

My Coworker was pregnant and I asked her if she had a name picked out yet. She said no, but she wanted to stay away from weird names, like the one her sister had given her niece. The name? Felanie. Like Melanie, but with an F. If there's such thing as cursing your child, I think that may take the cake.
--Catherine Sullivan, Anchorage, AK

Funny stuff, eh? Makes me think twice about being frustrated with my own name.

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  1. Your name is lovely and unique. Some of the names mentioned in the list are just bizarre!


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