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Monday, April 14, 2008

If I Plant It...

Will it grow?

Kelly suggested I check out "Temple Square Gardening" to help get me started when I move and finally have a yard.

It is a great book. I hate that I got it the day it snowed four more inches in Ogden. How lame is that?

Regardless of Mother Nature's mocking irony, I am still excited to plant. I just want to get loads of seeds and toss them into my new yard and watch them grow.

And then I'm reminded that I need to pull out endless ropes of ivy and fight back giant shrubs of thorns before I can even test my soil. Until I know how good or bad my soil is, I can't even narrow down my selection of flowers. All I know right now is that I want a cottage-style garden.

It's a more relaxed approach to planning a garden. I'm a fan of the natural progression of lawn to flowers. I have a big vision of multi-level plants like Aaron's Beard for ground cover, and Aster for more pop. I recently discovered the beauty that is foxglove as well. It's amazing!!

I can picture these growing next to the porch, hopefully masking the ugly wrought-iron railing until I can figure out how to inexpensively replace those.

"Temple Square Gardening" is perfect for me because it has some step-by-step guides for checking soil, designing the garden, and maintaining the plants. This book focuses on what flourishes in my climate so it's very close to dummy-proof. It'll take a lot of the guesswork out of my planning so I'm grateful for that tip.

Thanks Kelly!!

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  1. Hey! I took a self-imposed break from reading blogs and am just now seeing this post.
    I'm glad you got the book and I hope to see lots of pictures of your garden.
    You're welcome!


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