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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mini Vacation Continued

On Friday night, around 1 AM, Kev, Maddie, Samson and I were awoken by the sound of crunching, twisting metal. And Sam started barking, of course.

Any time Sam hears a sound during the night, he barks in my face. He's a nervous nelly. But that night it was justified. Kev and I rolled off the inflatable mattress and stumbled around Seth's living room not entirely sure of what was happening. I stuck my glasses on my face and could only see a bent speed limit sign on the neighbor's fence. So we went to back to sleep.

The next morning Kev more thoroughly investigated the scene of what I thought to be a crime.

Here's what he saw:

Just look at how far the car skidded!

The driveway at the top of the picture is Seth's. In the top right corner you can see my car. It was full of precious IKEA home furnishings. What if the crazy driver had come down Seth's driveway into my new dining room table?

Or worse, what if s/he had skidded down the driveway, past our car and through this window? That's where Kev and I (and Maddie and Samson) had the air mattress. We would've been squished!!

Thankfully though, we all survived. Obviously.

Later in the day Kev went out and talked to the neighbor while he was taking pictures of his own. Thankfully, a cop was right behind the guy who creamed the sign and mailbox and he was caught just down the road from the damage.

Anyway, the weekend at Seth's was refreshing, despite all the crazy dog-ness and sign-slamming that occured. It was great to get away and to enjoy a General Conference-filled weekend. Thanks to Seth for going away on a real vacation and for letting me have a mini-vacation of my own!!

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