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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mini Vacation

Staying at Seth's for the weekend was fantastic. Who cares if the kitchen is next in line for remodel so the sink doesn't work? That's what the basin in the laundry room is for. The washing machine is right next to it so all the dishes can be stacked up all nice and clean. Besides, the bathroom is newly remodeled and simply fantastic. I am jealous.

Anyway, on Thursday, there was a lot of this at my apartment:

And that led to this:

Looks like Maddie just told Sam a good joke. But despite her humor, she still felt the need to find relief in the comfort of my pink blanky.

As promised (to myself) I went to IKEA. Kev and I hit the jackpot. We went twice in two days, so odds were definitely in our favor.

On day one, we browsed endless kitchen and bath options. We opened and closed more doors and drawers than I can count. We compared hardware until I felt like crying. And we didn't even walk away with anything at that point. Kev was very interested in the "As Is" section so we took a break at the IKEA restaurant to refuel before we headed there.

I was skeptical about eating in a home furnishing store, but I will never doubt IKEA again. I love everything IKEA. From their meatballs to their duvets to their cinnamon buns. I love IKEA.

In "As Is" Kev spotted a great dining room table. It isn't a color I'm fond of, but I am already looking forward to sanding and painting/staining it. It was 40% off so we had to grab it. Without the leaves it will fit nicely in our new house, and with the leaves it will have staying power for years to come. Kev also got some shelves to arrange his CDs (THANK YOU!!) and I got some wedding gifts for a cute friend.

Day two, I just had to go back for chairs. Y'know, for the new dining room table. So Kev and I grabbed four and he's already talking about going back for two more after we move. I love him.

Basically, we got loads of stuff for the house. But not really. It just looks that way from the back of my car.

But seriously, I did actually watch the dogs with Kev. I didn't just shop. In fact, here are more pics to prove it (PLUS more are available via the "2008 so far" link on the right of my blog).

I love her. I can't believe I thought she was ugly in her adoption profile online. She is the cutest dog I've ever seen. Hands down. The picture above is on the drive back down to Seth's for the weekend.

Sam pretty much looks like this every time you call his name. He just has a lot going on in his big head. It all gets so confusing for the poor guy.

For example, how come Maddie can climb up two luv sacs but Samson can't? Good question. She's just been conditioned by Kev to scale tall obstacles. And she has insanely broad shoulders and strong little chicken legs that help. Sam doesn't know how to use his muscles yet. Which is probably why, when running out of the house, he ran into a big yellow piece of machinery in Seth's back yard.

When all is said and done though, these dogs love each other and have a great time together. I promise this is not staged. It's just pure love. Mads was under the covers and Sam, being the graceful 8-month-old that he is, just walked right on top of her and settled down. Eventually Maddie surfaced and just gave up trying to get out from under Sam's limp, 40-pound body.

It may be hard to believe, but there's even more to share about this weekend. Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment of "Mini Vacation!" Plus, I'll have to share pictures of what the apartment now looks like. Last night I unloaded everything but the dining room table from the car (while Kev was still at Seth's watching Sam). After Kev got home he had Paul help him bring the table in. So everything's in the living room now.

It might stay that way until we move in 2 months.


  1. ha i love how we both have back of the car post-ikea photos that make us look like wannabe martha stewarts or something. aaand your dog is adorable and you have no idea how bad i want one!!

  2. I love Ikea too. Our dining room table is from Ikea (we actually bought it second-hand for $5!) and Husband sanded and refinished it. It's awesome!

    I agree with you on the food too. Every time we ask Child where she'd like to go out for dinner, she says Ikea!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who's actually eaten there. I was a little apprehensive about admitting I'd tried IKEA cuisine.
    But seriously, those cinna buns are delish!! Only $4 for 6 buns fresh from the oven? Hello, yes please!!

  4. Isn't Ikea fabulous? I do love me some Ikea. And we haven't had a bad experience with their food either!

  5. Your animal pictures are fabulous. How precious dogs are when they play together. I like the salmon at Ikea. You've got to try it.

  6. Oh my goodness. That cuddly dog picture is so cute.


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