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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The New Job

I've been simultaneously fulfilling my "old job" duties while learning the new job duties. Let me tell you, these last few days have been loooong. It's exciting and scary to learn all sorts of new processes that deal with student accounts. I know that if I accidentally charge someone, I can easily reverse it and no harm is done... But I'd just hate to make that mistake!!

I know there's a learning curve, and I have support in the office, but it's still nerve-wracking. It doesn't help that I'm also doing my two old jobs on top of the new one. I'll still be on call next week, while also helping facilitate a camp out in northern Utah, and I'm kind of expected to work the morning before and the afternoon after the camping trip. Just a little frazzled.

But I enjoy having the opportunity to move up and get a real job with a real salary and real benefits. I think the shift away from Residence Life and into the more administrative side will help me retain my sanity for the next few years. I need a change of pace, and being a Business Manager will really do that for me.

I'm going to miss the girl I'm replacing though. If only we could share the job.

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