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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Pink House, or "PH" for Short

As I was single-handedly demolishing the bathroom in the Pink House (PH) on Thursday, I thought: "hey, what a great thing to blog about."

Meaning, why not show my progress with PH weekly? Instead of Flash Backs on Fridays, for a while I'll give you a peak into the demo. Oh, the demo.

I don't have any pictures (yes, camera still broken and yes, SLR film still undeveloped) but yesterday was mighty productive.

Kev ripped out all the prickly branches and uncovered more driveway than we thought we had. All that's left of the pricklies is to pull out the roots. Then, of course, we have to haul away all the pricklies, because it doesn't do us any good to keep them in the giant pile we created next to where they used to grow (the aforementioned Stick Mountain).

While Kev was pruning, I was inside using a sledgehammer, pink-handled screwdrivers, and a pry-bar to pull apart some seriously dilapidated bathroom cabinets. Some of the shelves weren't even nailed down. I actually found some masking tape holding parts of it together. Fabulous. I also managed to remove some wainscoting and molding in order to blast through more dry wall with the sledge.

All the while I was listening to Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits album, Volume 1. This made for greater productivity, I'm sure. There's nothing like swinging through dry wall while belting out "Billie Jean is not my lover!!" and watching the pieces fly.

Tomorrow we need to remove
the 2X4s that framed out the cabinets and we also need to get on those prickly roots.

Plus I need to go to DSW
. I have a coupon and some birthday money!! The coupon expires at the end of the month, so I really must go. It's a reward to surviving the first week of demo. And an incentive to keep going.

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  1. I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm very impressed with your demo skills! I doubt Caleb would let me anywhere near a sledgehammer. :) Good luck! And enjoy DSW! :)


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