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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quote of the Week

Kev: "Will you please get me some juuuuice?"
Liv: "Yes, but only if Maddie can sleep with us tonight."
Kev: "OK!"

It has been so freakin cold in our apartment the last week. First of all, it was really hot. So hot in fact that Maddie sat around all day with her tongue hanging out and she wouldn't move. It was a sauna. And then the heat stopped altogether and it is so cold my mascara is frozen in it's tube.

I feel so guilty making Maddie sleep in her kennel during these frigid arctic nights. Surely it is a form of animal cruelty to stuff her in there with nothing but a little fleece blanket and a pillow?

So, in order to redeem ourselves the little pumpkin got to cuddle up in bed with me and Kev (with the radiator planted two inches from my side of the bed) and avoid shivering all night. Did I mention I fell asleep with my arms around her? Yeah, I use her as a heater, so what? She's good for it.

I feel better. Especially since this entire weekend she will run free with Samson while Seth is in Maine (visiting the family since Jeshua returns from Mexico this week). So Mads and Sam will enjoy non-stop neck-sucking and fighting over rawhide bones Friday through Sunday in Seth's fenced-in backyard. I am doubly redeeming myself for the cold kennel.

Lucky dog.

Oh, I'm going to be at IKEA while all this is happening so I think I'll survive dog-sitting round two with Samson.

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  1. I hate to say it, but I'm mildly jealous it's so cold for you at night! I've been so HOT at night lately and Caleb insists on our space heater! :) But I do hope it warms up and that the snow melts. You guys need to thaw out over there!


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