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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday was my birthday. The ladies in the office bought me flowers. That means Kev is one lucky man because the night before my birthday he asked me if I "needed" more presents. I told him that the only thing I really "need" is flowers from him.

The girls beat him to it.

So he got me that mop I wanted. And I had a coupon for it. So we went to the store together to pick it out.

Birthdays just aren't as exciting as they used to be. Now I appreciate practical gifts; things that will help me clean. Or learn. Or just a phone call from friends (thanks friends, for all the calls!!). Or a little note (thanks friends, for all the notes!!)

The birthday was great. It snowed, so Kev had to stay home from work and hang out with me all afternoon.

Y'know what else? We visited Jon. He was doing some remodeling in his house. He agreed to help us here and there when we move to the pink house.

As we were driving home, Kev was recounting the generous gifts we got from Jon: his carpentry expertise, cabinets for the garage, tools. We stopped at a red light and Kev leaned over and whispered in my ear "guess what else...I got us a free dishwasher." Apparently Jon had a spare hanging out in his garage. So now it is ours.

Oh, it is music to my ears.

After Jon's house, I went home and cuddled up in bed with Maddie while watching "Friends" on DVD. Kev was at the rock gym. Us gals had a grand old time.

24 will be a good year.


  1. i miss everyones birthday. and then i magically expect everyone to remember mine. go figures, right? happy [late] birthday :]


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