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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is what I see at my desk at home every day. I'm using an older "Weber State College" library study-desk that Kev salvaged from Property Control (aka a dumpster in our parking lot) and I love it. I don't have any drawers or cubbies but hey, it's ok. There are plenty of desk accessories for sale at IKEA.

The picture is from our Honeymoon in San Fran, and the "Acapulco" is the one-and-only postcard I got from Jesh while he was on his LDS mission in Mexico.

The picture above is also what I see at my desk every day. Maddie. On someone's lap. She is all about the cuddles. She loves to fall asleep with her head hanging over someone's knees.

And of course, Miss Maddie with the love of her life. Please, someone, tear these two apart. I dare you.

I'm craving a real trip again. Hence the San Fran photo-gazing. I just want to go somewhere. Being at Seth's at the beginning of the month was a great retreat, but I want more time away from Ogden. Ha. Then why are Kev and I buying a house here? Because it's dang cheap! And it's always good to have a home-base for all those travels.

Suggestions for another mini-vacation? I'm up for anything once I hand over the "on-call" phone next Monday and I'm free for another two weeks.


  1. Is there a city you haven't been to yet where you could go for a "long" weekend? Chicago, L.A, Phoenix? Maybe you could all go camping.

  2. I know I left a comment here yesterday. I wonder where it went. You guys are VERY cute. I was going to suggest going for a long weekend to visit a new city. Ever been to Chicago or L.A. or Phoenix? Do you camp? It's cheap and fun and very disengaging from the rest of your life.


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