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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wish List

I always have a list of things I'd like to acquire.

So let's get started!

This is the Hampton Dress from Down East Outfitters.

The Bistro Dress is another that caught my eye.

Lamp base from Urban Outfitters.
Turquoise shade from Urban O.

Cherry Blossom rug from Urban O.
Ekarp lamp base from IKEA (duh).

Arstid lamp from IKEA.

Lans lamp from IKEA.

Can ya tell I have a hankering for lamps? Kev and I have accumulated a vast collection of torchiere lamps that I'm ready to ditch. It's time for lamps to match, people!

And of course, one can never have too many dresses. They're just so simple. I love tossing one on with some heels and running out the door.

One home decor accessory I'm really struggling with is rugs. I love them, but I don't actually have any. Ok, that's not true. I have one in storage right now because my apartment doesn't have a space big enough for a rug.

The thing with rugs is that they're expensive. Or I find one I love but it's the wrong color. There's a great pattern on one IKEA rug, but it's a plummy, purple color. It's beautiful, but I don't want a purple rug. I have a red couch. Please, no.

Plus, I need to wait until I'm actually in the new house before I purchase more decor/furnishings. I'm sure Kev is right when he tells me I need to wait and see how everything we currently have fits in the new space.

Regardless of these minor setbacks, I'm excited to nest. I'll probably be singing a different tune 2 months from now, but that's alright. Please pass the hopeful optimism while it lasts!


  1. I love your obsession with all things ikea! Not a post with out mention, but in a good way. I have lurked for a while and listening to you get excited to start decorating your new house, (congrats by the way!) I started to think more and more of one of my favorite blogs, This young house, A young couple bought an older house and are making the old work with the new. Just kind of fun. Plus her style matches what I piece together to be yours. I just thought I would share it with you for your transition. Have a great day and keep blogging!

  2. Nichole!
    I'm glad you're here :)


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